How to charge by Translation Company

It is a wise choice to satisfy needs as well as save money.

What are the main requirements for stable and reliable translation quality?

  • Do the junior translators have a bachelor degree in foreign language major with more than 4 years of experience?
  • Is there a proofreading process? Are proofreaders are qualified?
  • Are project managers skilled and experienced nough to handle business properly?
  • Translation speed should be controlled within 2500 Words / person / 8 hours.
  • Are there professional consultants to receive instructions from customers?
  • Whether to create a client database to ensure language unity for the next delegation?
  • Is there professional translation memory software and professional management software?
  • Does the company have a long-term and effective human resources recruitment policy and retention?

Factors affecting the charge by the translation company?

  • Students or interns:20%~60% discount
  • For translation in professional fields only charge an additional $0.005/Word
  • For proofreading by native or expert translators:about 2 times base price
  • Charge for urgent documents:30%~100% additional charge
  • Urgent documents:time is important for high-quality work. Overnight work or assigning documents to more than one translator are usual solutions for urgent documents, and this may lead to a lack of language unity or negligence caused by fatigue. So we suggest you not expedite documents if possible.
  • Student interpreter escort:20%~50% discount
  • More than 8 years of professional interpreting experience in the field:20%~100% additional charge
  • Simultaneous interpreters for common consecutive interpretation:50% additional charge
  • Try to make reservations in advance: the translation company can select the most suitable interpreter at a reasonable price for you

Comparisons of Services in the Industry

Feature \ Scale
Angel Translation
Translation Company above a certain size Translation workshops formed by a group of five or less than five persons
Rational Proposals(Translation Qualities & Proposals)
Without rationalization proposals, they may completely and blindly follow orders of our customers; Due to limited number of translators there may be randomness and they cannot handle documents with grading
High-end Translation(refined translation for publication level, administrative level and signed documents)
Lack of human resources, poor stability of translation quality
Specialized Manuscripts(IT, Medicine, Communication、Law, Mechanical mold)



Company Excluded

Difficult to undertake tasks, there is occasionality, stability problems of long-term quality
Delivery of Short-term Big Projects(Tenders, Contracts & Agreements, etc.)
There may be project subcontracting depending on the status of human resources There are no full-time translators and documents should be subcontracted to another large-scale Translation Company
After-sales Service & Modification (the translation is revised until customers are satisfied)
Valid within one month according to industry practice Focus on short-term benefits;it may lead to negligence or a delay in follow up due to lack of personnel
General Escort Interpretation(Factory Escort,Business Escort,Travel Escort、Exhibition Escort)
Conference Consecutive Interpreting
There is no complete talent pool, strong randomness, shoddy, even cause meeting interruptions
Simultaneous Interpretation
Lack of industry awareness can lead to lack of confidence in translators, company and translators fail to join hand
Minimum Price * (ignore qualifications of translators and omit proofreading process)

Demand pricing

(reasonable allocation of resources, save money for our customers while satisfying the needs, no shoddy circumstances)

Cannot provide a reasonable proposal, cost of low-requirement service is too high

more than 1.2 times

There is no set standard translator access system, seriously imbalanced allocation of human resources, poor quality stability of professional documents or minority languages, or high cost caused by outsourcing

1.5 times or more

We are dedicated to meeting all translation services needed. Starting at $0.01 per word or $50 per day.

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