Translation Service Process

ANGEL has a standard, professional, efficient and thoughtful service process. Moreover, ANGEL has a good brand reputation with standard quality services in the industry which will eliminate all your worries.

1. Enquiry & Quote

Refer to the interpretation quotation for general projects. For escorting abroad or other complex projects (long-term employment, large projects with many people involved, difficult or multi language projects), you can contact our support staff online or by phone, tell us the language and all other requirements,and we will provide optimal solutions and quote.

2. Sign a contract or formal quotation

In order to safeguard the interests of our customers, we advise clients to sign a formal contract for projects valued at more than 1000 USD. For projects less than 1000 USD, we will provide a formal & simple quotation as a valid invoice should you choose to proceed. ANGEL will do more for you.

3. Advance Payment

Translation services are a customized process and entrusted documents are only usefulto the specific customer. Please understand that you should pay in advance. We will charge 50% of the total expenses as customer prepayments. If the finished document is not up to standard definitely, then we will refund all prepayments.

4. Formal entry into translation process

Our project managers will check the original documents before translation, if there is any problem, they will communicate that to our customers in a timely manner in order to solve the problem at the beginning stage. After a standard translation process, we will send the completed documents to our customer.

5. Residual payment

After the project is successfully completed, ANGEL will deliver 60% of the total work for acceptance by our customer. Residual payment will be paid after passing customer acceptance. After we receive full payment, the customer will receive the remaining documents. If there are any questions during acceptance, please contact us! We will try our best to answer your questions.

6. After-Sales Service

ANGEL hopes to establish long-term and pleasant cooperation with our clients. Whether or not the translation fee has been paid in full, if you are still doubtful or not entirely satisfied, ANGEL will be fully responsible for revision free of charge until you are completely satisfied without any worry.