Turnaround Time

ANGEL TRANSLATION is always eager to provide better services for our customers and endeavors to deliver documents well in advance. We usually deliver documents through E-MAIL or online tools such as Skype. If necessary, we can send a CD or paper documents (suitable for certified documents) by express post as scheduled.

       Over the past ten years,ANGEL has provided translation solutions for numerous urgent documents to many engineering companies and production enterprises. For each order, we always do our best to solve the problems of our customers. We always deliver quality finished documents to our customers as scheduled. We treat urgent documents as challenges to our company.

Hotline:+86 21 50888088

Our Advantages

A promise that will be kept

    ANGEL Corporation regards credibility as the life of the enterprise and never promises our customers unachievable outcomes. ANGEL Corporation will try its best to achieve on-time delivery by reasonably deploying the internal resources of the company. If there is any loss caused by a delay in delivery, ANGEL Corporation will compensate reasonably.

Our ability of handling large quantity or urgent documents

    ANGEL has a huge team of over 8000 members and scientific management procedures. Please trust us "for projects that other companies cannot complete, please submit to ANGEL” and we will not disappoint you.

I. Fewer than 2,000 words II. 2,000-5,000 words III. More than 5,000 words & urgent projects
 For general documents in common languages, we will deliver within one workday. For general contents in common languages and general layout, we will deliver within three workdays. Workload of a translator / general documents is calculated as 5000 words per day.
 Refined Translation and proofreading by foreign translators will be delivered the next day due to time zone differences Refined Translation and proofreading by foreign translators For urgent documents, please contactus!We have had a number of cases where 500 thousand-word documents were delivered the next day.to meet urgent needs.
 Complicated Desktop Publishing Complicated Desktop Publishing Refined Translation & Complicated Desktop Publishing
 The translation of uncommon languages or multilingual translations will be done within 2 days The translation of uncommon languages or multilingual translations The translation of uncommon languages or multilingual translations

Is there an urgent translation task to delegate?

Just contact Angel!If we can do everything for you, there is very little chance that other translation companies can.