Consumer goods industry professional translation

We have worked for a number of retail stores including high street clothing brands and well-known online shops. If your business is selling products either online or in store, we can help you reach more customers.

  • Clothing costume

    Angel master all garment industry of specialized vocabulary, with professional vocabulary and seasonable organization, accurate expression of the dealer information.

  • Personal care

    Angel has an interdisciplinary professional translation team, good at chemical, cosmetics and other professional translation field.

  • Toys

    According to the characteristics of the toy production and products, Angel specially forms a rapid response team, achieves rapid translation, quick review, quick into a draft solution.

  • Electronic products

    Angel forges ahead, constantly studies hard, and grasps the electronic information industry of new products and new words to make the customer information to convey accurately.

  • Luxury brand

    Angel Translation focuses on the targeted way to convey your brand, and to give you a perfect interpretation make your brand information in different countries.

  • Wholesale and retail

    Angel Company familiar with the wholesale and retail industry terminology and language organization way, a certain language can provide the customer's trade with convenience.

  • Food and drink

    Our food industry translators are just that: experienced professionals when it comes to translating materials for clients from the food industry. What makes them special is the fact that every one of them has an in-depth knowledge of the food sector, and that gives them a unique ability to combine language expertise with the kind of subject familiarity that really elevates their work.

Superior service

  • Accompanied by including document translation, oral translation, website localization, audio and video, voice and captioned service;
  • With the industry's top signing translation experts and professors, also have different levels of translation talents for you to choose;
  • Support the customization process, optional related professional interpreter service with customers;
  • Efficient translation, angels have the ability to complete a large project in a short time;
  • Angel trust translation terms of service also includes support for an indefinite period after-sales service guarantee.

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