Translate Documents Into Chinese From over 400 Languages

ANGEL unmatched quality and attentive client service could be competitive differentiators in the language services industry. As the world's largest provider of Chinese translation services, ANGEL utilizes a rigorously tested network of industry-expert linguists and full-time quality managers to ensure that the work we deliver is second to none. ANGEL offers multiple levels of service based on client needs, ranging from draft / summary translation up to certified translation, featuring our three-step process with a translator, proofreader, and desktop publishing, all designed to meet the evolving needs of global businesses.

ANGEL's trained language experts ensure that your message will not be lost in translation by applying their detailed knowledge of Chinese cultural distinctions and years of experience in producing globally-used documents.

ISO 9001:2008 certified

Our quality management system is fully certified by ISO 9001:2008.

ANGEL provides professional document translation services to the famous enterprises and Fortune 500 companies around the world. Each member of ANGEL's team of document translation professionals has been qualified through a series of rigorous tests.

Here's how we works:


ANGEL's trained language experts ensure that your message will not be lost in translation by applying their detailed knowledge of cultural distinctions.


We rely exclusively on in-country translators and proofreaders to ensure that each document translation is technically accurate and conforms to stylistic preferences.

Desktop Publishing

Our DTP specialists collaborate with native translators so that you get an accurate ready-to-publish version of the original page layout and contents.

ANGEL has different service levels to meet your various needs, so as to save you money:

Grade Applies ANGEL responsibility Customer benefits
General Translation
  • Instructions
  • Literature
  • Web Pages
  • Books
Hand-picked translator with 2 years professional experience
  • Unabridged and intelligible
  • Error rate < 1%
Standard Translation
  • Technical document
  • Thesis
  • Agreement
  • Tender
Hand-picked translators with 3 years professional experience + proofreading
  • Unified terminology
  • Error rate < 0.5%
Refined Translation
  • Publications
  • Website
  • Brochure
  • Thesis published
  • Legal instrument
Senior hand-picked translators with 5 years professional experience + proofreading
  • Comply with EU's standards
  • Unlimited proofreading
  • Unlimited editing
  • Error rate < 0.1%
Creative Translation
  • Speech
  • Declaration
  • Advertisement
Senior hand-picked translators with minimum 5 years specialized experience in your field
  • Unlimited proofreading
  • Unlimited editing
  • No questions asked
  • Certifications available

Meet your multilingual challenges:

Rush Turnaround Times

Our organizational skills are enviable. This strict attention to detail and organizational effectiveness allows us to successfully compete with all other translation companies.

High-Volume Requests

We have over 6000 language experts. In emergency situations, we will honor last minute requests and we ask you to notify us immediately regarding urgent needs.

Highly Technical Materials

ANGEL facilitates the translation of highly technical materials in the world's most demanding industries: pharmaceuticals , bio science , energy , life sciences , and electronics .

Certified Documents

With a certified translation from ANGEL, you get the added assurance that the document is now a legal record and will be accepted by courts, colleges and other institutions around the world.

Translation Types

Type of documents

  • Agreement & Contract
  • Thesis
  • Tender
  • Instructions
  • Certificate
  • Patent
  • Website
  • Books & Magazines
  • Degree
  • Report
  • Literature
  • Manufacturing


  • Europe: English - French - German - Russian - Italian - Spanish - Portuguese - Arabic - Dutch - Greek - Turkish - Norwegian - Danish - Polish - Bulgarian - Romanian - Danish - Polish - Czech - Slovak - Hungarian - Finnish - Icelandic - Swedish - Azerbaijani - Belarusian - Catalan - Ukrainian - Latvian - Slovenian - Uzbek - Serbian - Lithuanian - Croatian - Macedonian - Latin
  • Asia Pacific: Traditional Chinese - Japanese - Korean - Hmong - Tibetan - Uighur - Cantonese - Indonesian - Malay - Laotian - Thai - Vietnamese - Hindi - Bengali - Burmese - Cambodian - Khmer - Nepali - Urdu - Sanskrit
  • Africa & Middle East:- Arabic - Hebrew
  • Other language

We are a certified translation company with formal accreditations and reasonable prices