From many years of practice, ANGEL TRANSLATION has continuously optimized its processes to develop a series of the best translation service solutions. ANGEL TRANSLATION provides professional translation services for our customers by scientific human resource allocation and standard management rules. Our translation service center can provide you the most convenient solutions for cross field and multilingual translation to meet the needs of customers. ANGEL welcomes customer feedback to provide valuable suggestions to upgrade ANGEL translation services to a higher level.

The best translation service solutions

The suitable is the best.

  • Translation level selection

    Quality is very important, but it is prudent to choose the most suitable translation level according to your needs to save money. ANGEL Corporation is one of the few translation companies that implements a quality level charging system.

  • Guarantees

    Usually, the warranty period for service is 15 days after delivery under industry practice, we boldly launched an indefinite quality guarantee which safeguards the fundamental interests of our customers. Change to the text is only charged an appropriate fee.

  • How to…?

    In 10 years of practice in translation services, our company developed a scientific and convenient translation service process. You need not run around and your translation problems can be solved when you are in the office or at home.

  • Turnaround Time

    We usually deliver electronic files through online communication tools or Email. The CD & paper certified documents will be sent by express post. We provide shorter delivery cycles than other companies. For urgent files, please consult online.

  • Desktop Publishing

    A more sophisticated layout does not mean better, because it requires additional manpower for a sophisticated layout which means you will pay more. A clear and appropriate layout can save you money.

  • Word count method

    ANGEL marks the price clearly, and the statistical method is transparent and fair. Quantity of words is counted according to the international standard (words in WORD format->Word count).

  • Payments


  • Prices

    ANGEL is able to guarantee the equal quality at the lowest price, which is mainly due to our unique translation management process and the scale effect brought by large workshop operation.

  • How to get invoices

    If necessary, we will provide a commercial invoice or domestic invoice for you.

  • Impeccable security measures

    ANGEL has strict rules in every step of translation services, in order to protect your business interests. Therefore, you should never worry that your trade secrets may be disclosed.


From ordinary file translation to high-end localization and from general business escort to simultaneous interpretation, ANGEL will always meet your translation service requirements, and help you save money while providing excellent translation services.

Technical translation

We are committed to providing the highest level and the most reliable translation services in terms of business documents,technical information and traditional ducuments. For each particular translation project,ANGEL provides customized services through the linguists with relevant tanslation qualifications and rich expertise and promises to offer the lowest price while guaranteeing equal quality.

Escort interpretation

We provide local or escort interpretation services in more than 60 countries and regions in the world,especially business meeting,conferences negotiation and simultaneous interpretation,and also offer one-stop convenient booking service.All interpreters possess the translation certificates certified by authoritative institutions and are familiar with related industry knowledge.


We are proficient in multilingual website localization,software localization solutions and functional testing.Standard localization specification process enables us to manage large projects.

Other services include multimedia and studio dubbing, and movie and television play localization, etc.. Learn more