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Angel Translation offers comprehensive multilingual communication solutions to support energy and utility industries, including mining, oil and gas, and renewable energy corporations.

  • Oil translation

    For energy companies providing services such as Total and Sinopec, Angel has accumulated rich practical experience. Angel is your best choice of the language service energy enterprise.

  • Energy translation

    Angel interpreter for energy has abundant knowledge, and can use the relevant professional terms adroitly. We are fully confident with profession, precision, and specification of both language services.

  • Metallurgical smelting

    Angel knows deeply the importance of metallurgy professional translation with strong logicality, informational and structured language characteristics. Thus, we select translation researchers through strict procedure.

  • Electric power translation

    Angel's power translators possess long-term power industry work experience and know the related professional terms clearly, thus we can provide excellent and satisfactory translation services for you.

  • Chemical translation

    Angel interpreters have the academic background of chemical engineering, or more than 3 years experience engaged in chemical industry. The Angel has provided professional services for many well-known enterprises in this field.

  • Gas

    From exploration and mining to transport and trade, the Angel owns famous information energy branches across the world to provide professional translation services.

  • Nuclear energy

    International communication between experts across the globe requires top-quality translation services to deal with compelling issues like nuclear energy, etc.. Angel Translation has an experienced and highly-skilled team with a background in environmental issues and the ability to deal with nuclear energy-related translations.

  • Mineral exploration

    There's a whole world of technical issues and special terminology surrounding the mining and minerals industry, and we think our clients deserve translators who really understand it because they're already familiar with it. That's why we choose translators who've actually worked with clients from the mining sector: expert linguists whose work is clearer, more convincing and perfect for communicating with whatever nationality you need it to.

Our advantages in the field

With over 20 years of experience supporting these important and highly regulated sectors, Angel Translation has an unparalleled understanding of the risks, challenges, and opportunities in play. Technical and linguistic accuracy of communications materials can have broad implications across a number of areas, including worker training and safety, regulatory approvals, and business revenue.

At Angel Translation, we follow an ISO 9001 certified quality management system and every translation project is matched with linguists that have related professional knowledge. Our translation company partners specialized in energy include those in Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America, etc.

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  • Tender offer and tender translation
  • Energy and mineral resources of foreign translation cooperation agreement
  • Energy and mineral resources exploration report
  • Professional thesis translation energy and mineral resources
  • To provide energy and mineral resources related to oral English translation services

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