Financial Translation

Angel Translation understands the specific regulatory and confidentiality hurdles that financial services firms face when communicating with clients, employees, and stakeholders worldwide. As for financial service businesses in developing markets, there is an increasing need to move quickly to capture rapidly changing market opportunities. These businesses require ready access to the latest technologies and industry best practices to achieve competitive operations, strong risk control and analysis, and proactive customer relationship management. Angel Translation provides expertise in financial translation language services and serves lots of Fortune 500 organizations and hundreds of enterprises globally.

  • Financial accounting

    Nowadays, financial translation services are becoming more common than ever before. This type of specialty translation is useful in a myriad of situations, including international financial transactions, record keeping, and compliance with local laws. Angel Translation provides fast translation services of accounting and business documents for international businesses, accounting firms, banks, insurance companies and financial institutions. Our clients appreciate our tested team of in-country financial translators and their understanding of the world of finance and financial terminology. Some of our financial translators have degrees in accounting, law and in business studies.

  • Insurance translation

    Insurance documents have important legal implications, both for the person purchasing the insurance and for the company providing it. The translation of insurance documents into other languages is therefore a highly specialized skill, requiring an understanding of the insurance industry as well as a talent for linguistics.

  • Real estate translation

    Each language has its own unique way of using real estate abbreviations, slang, dialectal differences, and other language characteristics. It takes a professional translation company with experienced real estate translators to represent any real estate or housing business in a professional manner. Thus we, Angel Translation, provides professional high quality Real Estate Translation Services specifically to meet your needs and allow for you to close on properties quickly.

  • Translation of Economics

    Economics is a broad and complex subject field with several sub-fields like macro economics, micro economics and economics of a particular state and like that. For perfect economic translation the economic translator must have in-depth knowledge on the particular domain of economics he or she is going to translate. All of our translators are bound by the translators Professional Code of Ethics while ensuring that the highest quality of translations services are rendered.

  • Bank translation support

    As banking documentation translations dealing with all financial topics, it is especially important to hire a translation company both experienced and capable of handling such a wide range of themes quickly and accurately. Angel Translation possesses financial translations experience backed by subject-matter-expertise of their linguists. Angel Translations not only pre-selects SME's based on your content's unique requirements, but also ensures that consistency is carried across all of your documentation through standardizing the financial translation workflow.

  • Loan and securities translation

    We, Angel Translation, provide professional high quality loan and securities translation services specifically to meet your needs and allow for you to close on properties quickly.

  • Business acquisitions Translation

    Mergers and acquisitions require proper preparation of all legal, corporate and even financial documentation collected from offices around the world and international business units. That is why merger and acquisition translations need to be processed by experienced professional linguists capable of adapting your corporate translation into multiple languages and across multiple business, financial and legal sectors of all your business units. Angel Translation, provides professional high quality Business acquisitions Translation Services specifically to meet your needs and allow for you to close on properties quickly.

  • Financial and legal translation

    Angel Translation offers dedicated Sales and Project Management teams that are industry trained and available 24/7. They understand the financial and legal documents you require translating and spot when special procedures must be followed. Translators must have five years of industry experience in the sector they are translating and at least three years of translation experience.


Our team of experts work as a trusted advisor to financial institutions, accounting firms, consulting companies, tax and audit specialists and global corporations with all types of financial content and annual report translation. We work with publicly traded companies on the world's exchanges, as well as privately-held businesses to ensure their financial documents are available in every language required.

All our specialist financial translators are professionally qualified native speakers with at least five years of experience in the financial sector. They are tested and trained based on industry-specific terms, client guidelines and our expert best practices. Angel Translation utilizes quality reviews for all projects, including translation using automation (machine translation) and human translation.

  • All kinds of professional typesetting service format requirements
  • The angel translation provides multi-language version
  • Professional financial and financial industry simultaneous translation service
  • Angel large translation project delivery capabilities have a short time

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