What is a certified translation?

We get this question on a daily basis. All over the world, a certified translation is one performed by a professional translator, who attests in writing to the completeness and accuracy of the translation. In some cases, you may be asked to make sure this certification is notarized. You cannot do the translation yourself, even if you are otherwise qualified. Other countries (or consulates) may have their own rules, so check with them first.

Certificate Translation Advantages

Recognized by many countries including America, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Arab, etc..
By leveraging the huge global translator network resources of ANGEL, we will develop the most cost-effective solutions for you.
We have successfully completed various kinds of certified documents of all languages as follows.
  • Certificate translation
  • Driver's license (driver's license)
  • Visa translation
  • Education Certification
  • Degree authentication
  • Foreign degree certificate translation
  • Visa materials translation
  • Notarization translation
  • Certificate translation
  • Proof translation
  • Foreign degree certific
  • Birth certificate translation
  • Single certificate translation
  • Notary materials translation
  • Proof of residence registration
  • Other proof of translation

YOUR ORDERDegree certificate, transcript, driving license, business, license, bank credit certification, etc

Fewer than 10 pages
More than 10 pages
Japanese, Korean
Fewer than 10 pages
More than 10 pages
German, French, Russian
Fewer than 10 pages
More than 10 pages
Portuguese, Spanish,
Arabic, Italian
Fewer than 10 pages
More than 10 pages

More than 500 words and translated only stamped parts

Single page within 500 words above thousand according to the 1000 words, and according to the corresponding language unit price calculation, the other to stamp to prove the first page of USD 15, after the second only according to the accumulated USD 5 (proofreading draft price another discussion).

Commission Process

Scan or take pictures of original or copies of certified documents and save in JPG format in which text can be clearly identified.
Send these files to the ANGEL consultant through an online chat tool or Email, and inform the consultant in writing of any specific names, terms, or specialized vocabulary to be used.
Pay the translation fees in advance and await ANGEL's delivery.

Acceptance Process

Accept your WORD format translation, read& check the documents and give feedback, ensure that the documents are error-free.
Receive and check the original documents with the official seal delivered by express post. If there is any error, modify and send by express post again.
Collect all the required information (we can provide formal translation qualification certificate) and submit to relevant departments for approval.
  • Certified Documents Services

    Certified Documents Service is one of the ANGEL's main services. ANGEL is a translation company that can undertake certified documents services in most professional fields. We are on call the whole year.

  • We will provide professional certified documents services suggestions for your needs.

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We are a certified translation company with formal accreditations and reasonable prices