Deliver Compelling Messages with Multimedia Applications

Multimedia applications provide a tremendous opportunity to define how your target audience sees you and who you are as a company. 

A wide variety of multimedia output, including Flash movies, sound files, video clips, and complex graphics assist in delivering your message more effectively. In addition to all types of web applications, multimedia output is found in such diverse places as video games, interactive software, DVDs, kiosks, and CD-ROMs.

Once you decide to invest in multimedia technology, localizing your multimedia content so that it can be understood by anyone, anywhere in the world, is a logical extension. Not only will it leverage your investment in the technology,but it will increase your worldwide market share.

Unlike traditional localization, multimedia localization requires experts with additional skill-sets for audio or video text adaptation, script translation, and professional voice talent recording. A healthy dose of software engineering is also needed. Fortunately, ANGEL Solutions' in-house engineering team specializes in all types of multimedia localization.

Bring rich multimedia experiences to your customers around the world.
Professional studio and translation services for multimedia and video

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